The Four Pillar Scholarship Program


The Sun Valley Wellness Festival & Conference is committed to leading the journey to wellness. We want to make our event accessible to as many people as possible regardless of circumstances.  In a perfect world, everyone would have both the space in their schedule and budget to join us. We know that is not a reality for everyone. We believe wholeheartedly in the gifts and lessons that come from SVWFC and we want those who feel called to have this experience to join us at the Festival.

For this reason, we have created the Four Pillars Scholarship Program.  We have a limited number of full and partial scholarships available each year.  We encourage you to create a strong case and indicate any financial contribution you are able to make.

The scholarship program window closes June 1st.

Scholarships do not include immersive workshops lodging, airfare, meals, or travel. Scholarships are granted to applicants based on criteria, including financial need, diversity, and a personal statement. The scholarship awards a presentation pass (keynote and featured speakers tickets based on availability) to the 22nd annual Sun Valley Wellness Festival & Conference.

Upon successful submission, you will receive a confirmation email. Your submission will be reviewed by the Four Pillar Scholarship committee.

When will you hear from us? We will be in touch via email within 10 business days. Scholarships may be partial or full. Thank you for applying!

This scholarship is intended to benefit those who are would otherwise lack the financial means to attend this event. Please keep in mind that there are a limited number of scholarships. Please answer with honor and integrity.

In 1000 words or less, please explain in detail your interest in attending the Sun Valley Wellness Festival & Conference, how you might benefit from attending, ways that you might be able to help increase increasing wellness within your community and/or environment, and steps you have taken towards achieving that vision.