Passholder Instructions for Viewing Events

Follow the steps below to access and stream Sun Valley Wellness Virtual.

1.    The Virtual Venue & Schedule lists the schedule and details for all Speaker Presentations, Meditation & Visualizations, and Movement Classes.

2.     On August 22 -23 events go live at their scheduled time.  To stream any event visit the Virtual Venue & Schedule to stream as many event as many times as you would like through September 7th.

3.     On August 22, visit Virtual Venue & Schedule, and all you need to do is simply press the “Passholders Click Here,” button.

4.     You’ll be taken to your event of choice.  Select the button “Passholders Click To Watch”

5.     You’ll be taken to the SIGN IN PAGE.

6.     Enter your username and password.  If you have forgotten your password, select the password reset option.

7.     You’re now ready to watch your selected event.

8.      To get back to these events for future viewing, visit the Sun Valley Wellness Virtual website and select the  Virtual Venue & Schedule from the website menu.

9.      Once the event is live, you have until September 7 to watch or re-watch events as many times as you would like.

10.  If you miss a live presentation, choose to take a break, or want to watch your favorites again, you will have a full two weeks following the event to do so, entirely at your convenience through September

11.  You won’t be prompted to sign in again unless you have disconnected from the site for a significant amount of time.

Safety, wellness, and wellbeing all pave the way for a brighter future … we look forward to you joining us in this relevant and important Virtual Conference.

Again, thank you for your support of the Sun Valley Wellness Virtual.  As always, if you have additional questions you can contact us via email at