Claudia Fiaschetti

Claudia has been an active participant in the community since moving here in 1994 with her family. While raising three children, she served on the Moritz Hospital Auxiliary Board, the

Wood River Education Foundation Board, the Croy Canyon Ranch Foundation Board, and the Blaine County School Board.

She practiced for several years as a Registered Nurse and Surgical Technician. She also worked at St. Luke’s Wood River Hospital in Women’s Imaging and as an independent contractor for Kaiser Hospital in South San Francisco. After practicing Pilates for many years, she became certified by Stott as an instructor. In addition, she became a Pink Ribbon specialist in pilates assisting women recovering from breast cancer treatment.

Although her background is in allopathic medicine, her interests have been in multiple modalities for many years. She is part of the family team that cares for elderly parents, one with dementia still living in their home in Massachusetts. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, biking, snowshoeing and photography.