Wellness Festival announces 2020 lineup; Sleep expert to keynote conference

    Wellness Festival announces 2020 lineup; Sleep expert to keynote conference

    During these uncertain times, the concept of personal wellness is perhaps more prevalent than ever, which is why the 23rd annual Sun Valley Wellness Festival & Conference opted for a creative retooling, rather than an outright cancellation.

    “Indeed, it’s a surreal time for our world, and if ever there was a time for wellness, it’s now,” board President Andria Friesen said. “We have worked diligently to produce our 2020 Sun Valley Wellness Virtual with highly relevant content and options to experience the event that will meet a multitude of comfort levels.”

    The event, which is widely recognized as the longest-running wellness festival in the world, will take place virtually August 22-23.  The new SVWellness Virtual Pass provides for complete remote attendance, live streaming, and SVWellness Virtual live content access until September 7.

    The conference kicks off August 22 with as robust a lineup as is usual. The 2020 festival features more than 20 presentations,  movement classes, and guided meditations,  each led by a top wellness expert and tying into one or more of the organization’s key wellness pillars: mind, body, spirit, and environment.

    Sleep expert Matthew Walker, Ph.D., will act as this year’s keynote speaker. His research focuses on how sleep relates to disease—including, recently, the coronavirus. Walker’s talk will also illuminate ways in which sleep impacts physical, emotional, and mental health.

    Other top featured speakers include Seth Cohen, MD, MSc, COVID-19 expert, and Chief of Infectious Disease and Travel Medicine at the University of Washington. Dr. Zach Bush, one of few triple board-certified physicians in the world; Nora McInerny, grief expert and best-selling author of “Terrible, Thanks for Asking”; Dr. Eben Alexander, neurosurgeon; Austyn Wells, spiritual medium; and many other doctors, astrologers, authors, scientists, and yogis.

    “Our roster of speakers is unprecedented for SVWFC, and a number of them will pivot their presentation to address the pandemic crisis at hand,” Friesen said. “The diverse subject matter our speakers will cover on the wellness pillars of mind, body, soul, and environment is progressive and involved the latest research in other areas, including Alzheimer’s prevention, depression, heart disease, cancer, and neuroscience.”


    SVWellness Virtual passes are now available at sunvalleywellness.org.