IDAHO MTN EXPRESS: Sun Valley Wellness launches new online directory; Virtual tool compiles free local resources

    Sun Valley Wellness launches new online directory; Virtual tool compiles free local resources

    Idaho Mountain Express, April 27, 2020

    In mid-April, the Sun Valley Wellness Festival & Conference announced that it would be postponing its 2020 edition—originally scheduled to span from Friday, June 26, through Monday, June 29—until late August.

    The festival was founded in 1997, making it widely recognized as the longest-running wellness festival in the world. Every year, attendees enjoy a wide variety of presentations, workshops, movement classes and more, brought by top wellness experts and popular personalities. The 2020 installment still boasts an extensive lineup of more than 50 of these offerings, though the festival organizers recently confirmed that, if public safety concerns should require it, the 23rd annual festival and conference will go virtual.

    The concept of wellness is not bound to a single weekend in the summer, however, and festival organizers are committed to year-round efforts to improve physical, emotional, mental, environmental and spiritual health locally, nationally and internationally.

    That commitment has not diminished during the COVID-19 pandemic. If anything, it has grown.

    On Monday, April 27, Sun Valley Wellness—the nonprofit that stages this largescale event every year—announced a new digital tool, the online Sun Valley Wellness Directory & Events Calendar.

    This free addition to the group’s website aims to provide a platform for local businesses, organizations and individuals who work in wellness fields to reach a wider community.

    The catalog covers a wide spectrum. NAMI-WRV, the Flourish Foundation, the ERC, Chapter One Book Store, the About Face Clinic, Restorative Energetics and many more groups and individuals are listed with complete profiles of services and contact information, each one touching upon one of the Wellness Festival’s core pillars of mind, body, spirit and environment.

    “The intent of this new resource is to have a dynamic and vital wellness and lifestyle community online,” said Claudia Fiaschetti, board member and community outreach chair for Sun Valley Wellness.

    “During this time of COVID-19 isolation, we can actually grow our connection with one another through this resource, and then continue to keep our wellness organizations and community connected long after this fragile crisis period has passed.”

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